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Post Reply A world without foods?
Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/21/18
That would suck because there is a real chance water will not only become super expensive but also scarce. Some people are already saying it has potential to become a commodity. Also your idea has zero potential to actualize unless we become programmed to see a clear liquid that contains various food enzymes is created.
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Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/22/18

Cydoemus wrote:

sabrinapaulinor wrote:

I mean. The though just crossed my mind and I wanted to see what people thought about it.

What if food weren't even necessary from the beginning? what if water had all the nutrients and other stuff we needed to nourish our bodies, what changes would that have made?

I tend to go down a slippery slope when thinking about this subject, to be honest.
Without the dependency on food, we would have never come up with the concept of food delivery.
This may have slowed down progress around delivery-mechanisms (Uber/Lyft, for example).
Grocery stores would never have been a "thing".
This would have killed off a significant amount of jobs that we rely on to this day (fast food, groceries, agriculture, etc).

Then, would we have "evolved" faster or simply rely on the blessings of the water?
A fair amount of conveniences when it comes to modern day life stem from the enhancements in the food industry over the last 50-100 years.
It is rather interesting to think about, especially in areas that do not have clean water to consume as it is.

Well, feeding is a lot of what makes things do other things. So you gotta ask yourself, what eats water and sunlight? Plants. How much do plants do?
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