Post Reply Premium User and fed up with Crunchyrolls horrible streaming "service"
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Posted 11/27/17 , edited 11/27/17
I'm getting really frustrated with the "service" Crunchyroll provides for streaming. Been a paid user for a couple years now and for the past month or so it has been a constant battle. I've waited weeks to see if Crunchyroll would sort this out, and nothing has changed!

I know it's Crunchyroll because other free, and unfortunately illegal, websites provide a MUCH better flawless stream. I'm literally thinking of canceling and going elsewhere because my premium service is useless.
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Posted 11/28/17 , edited 11/29/17
I agree 100%. I've been a premium member for over a year and a half and I'm getting tired of the streaming and app problems as well. I have Roku, Xbox One S, Chromecast, and the mobile app on my S8. Only the mobile app on my S8 has been trouble free.

I wrote to them about a year ago regarding the video loading problems for the Roku app for recently uploaded shows. They said they knew about it, but did not know why. They were still exploring the problem. Here we are a year later and the problem still exists.

Instead I have been using my xbox one s to watch crunchyroll. I bought a separate xbox tv remote just for that. However, about 2-3 months ago that app now has issues. It seems to work ok when it loads, which is about 80% of the time. When that doesn't work, then I go to the Chromecast. However, tonight that had some mean lag and choppy video making it unwatchable.

So here I am, huddled around a stupid S8 with my wife trying to read the small subtitles because all of the above doesn't work on my large tv. I'm sick of paying for this crap sevice!
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Posted 11/29/17 , edited 11/30/17
Best thing is you can watch DB super and other shows stolen from CR before some of the official CR apps let you watch it, but they only give robot useless answers, like it was your fault not being able to connec to their potato servers
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Posted 11/30/17 , edited 11/30/17
Yeah, Crunchyroll isn't the smoothest. It's really bad on my xbox sometimes, even when every other streaming service like BBC iplayer works just fine.
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