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Posted 11/28/17 , edited 6/10/18
Sorry for the cross-post, I should have put this here to start.

Hey all,

I stumbled into forum-land after having trouble finding a way to submit a bug report. Or maybe this is a feature request.

Either way, I often re-watch favorite series (as I'm sure a lot of people here do) and it is a HUGE pain to have to wait for autoplay to change to the next video, load fully, THEN grab the progress slider and re-wind back to the actual start of the video.

Doubly so for manga! If I'm swiping one direction to read to the end, when it loads up a new chapter, I'm already on the last page, and another swipe in the same direction will just skip entire chapters.

As a suggestion: why not have the app (video or manga) detect when a chapter/episode was loaded from the previous chapter/episode?

Honestly, this oversight (which, I feel like this was the way the manga app behaved for a while, and then it was "fixed") seriously kills a lot of my enthusiasm when I want to re-watch series. I just started re-watching Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and leaving autoplay on turned into just a loop of the ending credits, over and over again, completely skipping whole episodes if I didn't touch anything.

Anyone else feel the same way? Any CR folks able to weigh in on if this will or won't change? (Or heck, just add it as a toggled option if there's a business reason why someone wouldn't want it... because I can't think of any reason)
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Posted 11/28/17 , edited 11/28/17
That's actually a pretty good idea, especially with how often we tend to skip the credits (I mean it's not like we can read them anyway)
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Posted 11/28/17 , edited 11/29/17
Yeah that's not a bad idea I'd love to have that option, even though I never skip the ending credits the video just resumes mid credits or the next episode preview, though it's easier in the app (the iOS app at least) because it usually asks if I want to resume or restart the episode. but that would be inconvenient on PC because I usually kick back and enjoy the show.

So yeah, we need a (play next episode from the beginning) toggle button next to the auto-play button for convenience reasons. Or a (don't save episode progress) option, because CR can't track episode progress correctly
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Posted 11/29/17 , edited 11/29/17
Yeah, it's really annoying when you have to rewind to the start. Especially if you are rewatching it with someone else who hasn't seen the anime and you don't want them to see spoilers at the end of the episode.
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