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Favorite anime tropes

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lorreen wrote:

SirBacon24 wrote:

I can get down with a good tsundere. The bad ones like Chitoge and Taiga (yeah I know what you're thinking but I'm objectively always right) really grate on you, but the good ones are some of my favorite characters ever.

What makes a tsundere "good" and what makes one "bad"?

Given your examples, I have a feeling I prefer what you think are "bad" ones.

Basically if I say they are good or bad.

Just kidding, but I mean it really is mostly my opinion. For me, I'll call a tsundere bad the less believable/well-written and more annoying they are. I know a lot of people would and do disagree with me about Taiga, but personally I believe her to be a terrible character. I like Toradora quite a bit, but she was definitely the worst part of it. Some examples of "good" ones in my opinion would be Rin from Fate/stay night, Haqua from Kami Nomi, and Kurisu from Steins;Gate.
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