Post Reply Tabletop War Games or Tabletop RPGs? Which would you rather play?
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Posted 12/2/17 , edited 12/2/17
For me, I would have chosen both, because war games and role-playing games have their own highs and lows.

On the one hand, war games have me command entire armies, trying to capture and defend territory and resources against an opponent and his army. However, there are tons of units, and it'd be difficult to micromanage every unit I have on my side. Plus, I have to make my own decisions, so I don't have anybody to remind me if I'm making any mistakes, causing me to make them with very little chance of myself to correct these mistakes.

On the other hand, RPGs have me control only a single character, making micromanagement a lot easier. I am also cooperating with other players and their characters, rather than competing against them, so that I can make decisions a lot easier with friends and allies rather than on my own with war games. However, odds are, my teammates and I might get in each others' ways by making mistakes and disagreeing among one another, causing us to lose each session.
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