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Posted 12/4/17 , edited 12/5/17
So, it’s bee 500years since Martin Luther posted his 99 thesis on the door of Wittenberg castle to call for a discussion about certain aberrant doctrines in the Catholic Church. Little did he know that he would be one in a line of many people who remained faithful to God in challenging what was opposed to God’s word. The goal was always reformation of the church. Although the Catholic Church remains unchanged in many of its doctrines, the reformers are largely responsible for the religious freedoms we have today and the reason most of us have a bible in our own language and are able study the Word with others. We can hear God’s word preached to us in our native tongue.

Having learned more about the reformers I’m very grateful to God for His grace in using these men and women in their weakness to stand courageously for the gospel in the face of a hostile culture.

Is anyone else celebrating the Reformation and learning more about the Reformers?
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