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Posted 12/5/17 , edited 12/5/17
So has anyone encountered this problem before?

Ever since the app updated to Version 3.0.0, there has been an issue with all of your videos, specifically the video progress bar. The issue begins when I rewind or fast-forward the video. For example, in a 24-minute anime, the progress bar will show I have watched 11:30 on the left and -12:30 on the right (showing that I have 12:30 left before I finish the episode). When I rewind the anime to 11:00, the anime starts at 11:00 and plays normally. The progress bar, however, goes back down to 00:00 on the left and goes back up to -24:00 on the right. When I fast-forward the video, it has the same issue; fast-forwarding from 11:30 to 12:00 will result in the anime starting at 12:00 and playing like it should but the video progress bar goes back down to 00:00.
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Posted 12/20/17 , edited 12/21/17
This is a problem I have had for six months now and there is still no fix. Like before the update I never had this problem, just really sucks when I need to rewind to catch what a character said and the whole ep restarts.
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Posted 12/21/17 , edited 12/21/17
Yup it's another problem they never acknowledge or fix like the Roku TV problem
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Posted 2/5/18 , edited 2/6/18
This just started happening to mine as well. I set my Wii U for my Dad so he could watch Berserk and Kingdom etc, but now he's had to skip an episode or two and some of the episode are only coming in with about 6 minutes on the time bar.

I've tried logging in and out but that didn't work, I've tried going into my computer and setting back the time bar to zero and that hasn't worked either. If it presist's I'll delete the app and re-download it to see if that works too.

Everything else that runs Crunchyroll like my: Computer, Laptop, iPad, Phone, and PS4 have no issues.

Waiting for an answer from the support team but every thread I've seen that's been posted about this issue still hasn't been addressed by anyone at Crunchyroll. It's very disappointing to say the least.
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