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Posted 12/5/17 , edited 12/6/17

My favorite fellow Gochiusa fan! I haven't seen many people who are as nice, happy, and sweet as Crunchtacular. She's one of the very few people that can see the good in everyone, and that's definitely a trait worth mentioning. She mainly hangs around on the Forum Games posting moe anime pictures and in general just being nice to every person she comes across. She may not be as active as other users, but I could say that she's definitely a joy to be around with her happy-go-lucky and innocent personality. Her name even shows how much spirit she shows to the other members of CR, easily the most Crunchtacular user of them all!
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Posted 12/10/17 , edited 12/10/17
They are very good, I like them.
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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/31/17
Zavinus-kun, you are the ~best~! <3

I feel so wonderful knowing that you like having me here, and that I can bring everyone such joy.

Yay for Gochiusa! Mocha is my new profile pic for 2018, because of this thread.
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