Werid dream last night about North Korea and Donald Trump! Also Man play video prank on his wife about Nuclear bomb! -_-

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Posted 12/9/17 , edited 12/11/17
I had weird dream last night that it show Donald Trump yelling and North Korea leader starting the War. I think it show USA got bombed..

The werid part is that I wasn't even thinking about North Korea, I think what started this is from watching youtube. Some guy and his friend was playing prank on his wife showing that North Korea did bomb us (He edit some tape, to make it look like its a real new on Television.. Let me see if I can find that youtube).


What I don't like about it is that he playing prank on his wife who just had a baby, as you can see in the video she was getting baby ready to go, and she was crying.. Thinking the Nuclear bomb from North Korea really did happen on our land (USA).

Did you guy/ladies had any weird dream about North Korea or Don trump?


Perhaps I need to change the title to.. What would you do if someone play Prank on you like the husband and his friend did on his wife? The video is up above "End of World Prank on Wife".

What would be going though your mind if that moment did happen? Think about it.. the life no longer the same.. I mean the future plan you had have changed forever! The College, the current job, and many things. You might ending up becoming last defender in the line to protect the elderly, children and ill people.. You and your family will be hunting for food, or some of you may have to help doctors and nurse with the war wounded solder in bed..

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