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Posted 12/11/17 , edited 12/11/17
Do you wish to join a Discord, but are afraid to use the public search lists for any reason? Do you want to advertise your new discord, but are limited by the ethical means to do so? Or do you want to grow it to an unsustainable population size? Then post in this thread!

Things to include.

-An Invite link to the Discord. If it is a temporary link, state so.

-A short description of the Discord's purpose, such as a focus on roleplaying, anime discussion, streaming nights, etc.

-The presence of NSFW content, if any.

-Any other things prospective users will need to know, such as atypical rules beyond the normal, "Do not be an ass" expectations, and such.

Alright, have fun!

No, I am not lonely or anything. Why do you ask?

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Posted 1/30/18 , edited 1/31/18

Ever wanted to meet new people with the same interest in Anime , Manga, and Games? Well you came to the right place feel free to explore our wonderful group and start a conversation today.
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