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Posted 12/12/17 , edited 12/12/17

Premise: GUARDIAN exists to protect the people and prevent them from uncovering the existence of oni (demons). Relying on their contracts with the spirits, members of GUARDIAN combat these oni in secret. For Yotogi Shuji, GUARDIAN dictates his very existence. His job, his education, his friends, even his fiance were planned out because of GUARDIAN. Now, a new promotion brings him across the country, away from his family for the first time. How will he adapt to this new environment and newfound freedom?

Link to Fiction: [URL=""]Clickerino Please

The cover credit goes to LennyDotDotDot on Deviantart.

I've been drafting and working on this story for over a year and I'm incredibly excited to be serially releasing it on RRL's platform. Please check out my work and I hope you like it! Any feedback or ratings on RRL would be greatly appreciated.
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