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Posted 12/12/17 , edited 12/12/17
Rating: 9/10

Note: All reviews by Blackchain119 are based solely on the anime itself and ignores all related manga; if the story does not hold up in the anime, no matter what length it is, then they failed in their efforts to make an effective, engaging show.


Intense action and foreboding themes, mixed with a dash of emotional and romantic turmoil make this anime a killer show, and one I reccommend to those mature enough to handle its heavy atmosphere.

The Good

Voice actors: Desperation, heartlessness and fear are the main feelings these actors convey, and they convey it very well. Excellent voice acting.

Visuals: You can feel the effort put into making every shade and line perfectly in keeping with the show themes. Dark and abysmal to bright and pleasant, the visuals match the feeling of each of the scenes.

Music: With extremely energetic action music with powerful beats that are only emphasized with the gunfire, the show does not falter when it comes to silent, reflective moments either. Extraordinary music.

Character Development: Backstories are fleshed out and coherent, and leaves a touch of mystery for the watcher to determine how much the characters changed since losing their memory. Some characters have surprising motives, but the show pushes relatively realistic human nature over stereotypes.

Story: While using a common cliché for plot purposes (amnesia), they explained a rational reason for it other than the typical "blow to the head" syndrome that is far too common. The story blows you away with brilliant introspective narration and allows the watcher to be consumed by incredibly engaging action scenes.

The Bad

Plot Holes: Some exist, but are very forgivable.

The Ugly

In general, nothing stood out as particularly negative in this anime at all. It was well put together and highly enjoyable.

Final Impressions

A remarkable experience from beginning to end. I highly reccomend this anime to anyone seeking a heavy-themed show with a wonderful blend of action and character reflection. This anime has long stood as one of my top three favourite animes ever.
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