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Women's Weapons
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11

lokita wrote:

I never understood why many females think that drawn-on eyebrows look sexy. They're terrifying. Particularly when they're drawn in such a way that the girl looks surprised all day.

You know what because of science fiction I see a lot of brow-less alien babes. Where am I going with this? Let me see. Oh yes strangely I find myself fantasizing about them especially there smooth foreheads.

Mona Lisa has no eyebrows, it's all coming together, no brows float my boat.

lilprince wrote:

^^ ppl always talk about how gross it is when womens breast sag...mens nuts do the same thing...only unless your dating said male you wont see it kind of the same thing, as a guy hitchin a boner in public only thats temp a female can only use surgery to fix her sag...other wise shes left to be ridiculed for something she can't control... I mean breast aren't meant to be perky your whole life, psh I'm tired of women having to feel bad about natural things that occur to them...

so yes good sir compared to a woman men are lucky

I'm just saying saggy boobs aren't without their appeal. Now I hope there's a woman out there who feels the same way when my balls sag.

kimmm6 wrote:

I would have to agree here...most of the men I know are so happy to see a little action, they really don't care if she looks like a troll. BUT...we can't let other women see us at less than our best...meow!

I say let them fight for our affection. Muwhahaha! And bring us into their fights to demonstrate which woman is the better lover.

Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
You know what? "Pretty is nice. But still, it's just pretty."

And based on my observation, most of the girls who wear shitloads of make-up(note:I'm not generalizing) are either pretty stupid or pretty insecure that they rely on facepaint and other instruments of deception to feel empowered or something. Can't blame them though. Humans are vain creatures after all.
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
I would use my abs as a shield, they are rock solid.

I wish I had tits like my friend, I would just chest-flop people all day. She's getting reduction, but thats like slapping God across the face. She's a man-magnet.
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19 / M / boys locker room
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/18/11
:[ well if they're going through all that trouble faking beauty, they may as well just exercise.
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/18/11
Nails. Sharpen them (the index, middle, and ring finger to be specific) and you got a great way to scratch someone's eyes out. I'm not even joking, women can have swiss army fingers.
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/19/11
Think garish makeup was the norm up to the 80's-90's but now it's all about minimalism and the natural look. However, seems like some just didn't get the memo. There's nothing wrong with makeup, if it can be used to make celebrities actually look like people (I'm sure most people here are familiar with the before and after shots of celebs sans makeup) than it's good enough for the rest of us. Also it's true that women dress for other women, only a women will notice and understand the effort another women had to put in looking natural hehe. My motto is that you should always try to (and that there is nothing wrong with) looking your best. However, peoples opinion on what looks good vary, is all their own and sadly out of my control.
On the topic of the push up bra, I've never required faking it but I have always wondered if guys do get disappointed when they find out those curves were extra padding?
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/19/11
Sleeping is my weapon coz my ex said I was hottest when I was asleep or has just woken up with no make-up on. I don't know why he thought that because when I sleep I kick and move around a lot, and I caught him in the nuts once or twice. Yeah bet that was cute....whole load of foot in your balls....

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25 / Rainbow Factory
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/19/11
You can generally tell if someone is ugly by how much make-up they paint on. If you can smell the shit from 10 yards away the person isn't attractive. EVen if the ywere all that make-up wouldn't make any conversation worthwhile, it makes them look like a freak.
Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11
Yesterday my sister showed me an 'ugly' girl with quite small breasts and said to me "Eww, she's ugly, where's her boobs?"
I said "Why are you asking me?"
She said "Because you're a guy!"
I said "Ohh, right.."

She thought she was ugly but I though she was ok and I don't think breast size matters to me.
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