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Posted 12/19/17 , edited 12/19/17
I didn'f find any similar topics on the first 5 pages, so i'm staring an ew one, sorry if it was already talked about.

After starting the video, the first few seconds plays until the point, where it tryes to switch from low res to high, with the error: "There was a problem playing the video. Please try again, or contact support if the problem persists."

Episode: Naruto Shippuden: The Guardian Shinobi Twelve Episode 54 – Nightmare
(and at least 3 folowing)
previous episode works fine, as well as other animes.

on PC (same internet connection), episode 54 works fine
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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/4/18
A bit of a late reply, but I was having the same problem too, but on a different show. Simply restarting my device fixed the issue for me.
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Posted 2/4/18 , edited 2/4/18
It's a problem with the Adobe Flash player setup they used. They're aware of the problems, but have no intentions of fixing it. The player has problems with distortion, with synchronization of audio and video, with loops, all sorts of things. It's a known problem -- one of many. Unfortunately, the only "fix" they have for it is to pay more so that you can be a part of the Beta testers and use the HTML based player that should fix all of those issues.
Otherwise, I would suggest hopping over to VRV and linking your Crunchyroll account for free access and watching the videos there. They know how to use HTML5 properly and it doesn't skip around or cause other corruption problems like you've described here. We're all having to deal with the sub-par playback issues, and for people paying $60 a year for the services that don't even work properly, it's going to take a lawsuit to get them to fix anything. Sorry.
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