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Posted 12/20/17 , edited 12/21/17
I know I'm not the only one who gets the server error when launching the app, forum is full of those threads so I'll just share my tips for this and how I avoid it.

1) before starting a game quit the app. This will help you to not forget to leave the app running when you turn off your console. By my experience is the bug happens with the server for the app just constantly wants to contact the server so disrupting that connection messes up the data to the app

2) if you already having the error, start a app that takes up your full internet connection something like YouTube, Netflix, plex, or Hulu have worked for me... watch something in the 10min range and for some odd reason it resets the connection to the app

Now here are some features/ suggestions I would like to see

1) better load times, now when I ask of load times I'm not saying of the streaming. I would like to see better load times within the app itself like loading the catalog or episode list. Sometimes loading something as seasonal list takes ages and sometimes I find empty slots that make it feel and look sluggish

2) I dunno how this one got by for so long, a start from beginning option. Yes sometimes I rewatch some of my fav anime and find myself loading into the ed credits just to have to manually rewind like the good old days of the VHS tapes. I mean really how did this get passed for so long.

3) UI overhaul, this alone could probably solve most of the issues I have pointed out and others. Sluggish feeling, bad load times, and lack of features

4) Having a simple crunchyroll listing on my dashboard would be great for keeping my currently watching list right there and knowing when they get updated.

5) achievements with nice crunchyroll art would be great... I'm getting tired of my current background and would like to switch it up, other apps have 0gp achievements so why not?!

This concludes my wish list I know this is alot to ask especially how I seen the development of these apps as of recent, I mean my android phone app looks way better sadly my 4k TV don't get that nice UI, but I feel like these are some points that just needed to be pointed out... maybe I left somethings out that need improvement, if so please add to this list and let's hold a conversation in the comments
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