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Post Reply Your favorites of 2017 and your disappointments
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Posted 1/19/18 , edited 1/19/18

01 Princess principal
02 Attack on Titan 2
03 My Hero Academia 2
04 Konosuba 2
05 Magical Circle Guru Guru
06 MMO Junkie
07 Inuyashiki
08 Girl's Last Tour
09 Dragon Maid
10 Land of the Lustrous
11 Made in Abyss
12 Ancient Magus Bride


Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul Like the first season the actually plot is dumb and takes up to much time. Either the fate of the world shouldn't have been involved or it shouldn't have been taken seriously.
Tsurezure Children: I only ended up likeing 2 out of the 6 couples. I dropped it when I found myself skipping through most of an episode.
A Centaur's Life: This is more fun to read about (not actually read) than to watch.
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The Wired
Posted 1/19/18 , edited 1/19/18
I'm seeing a lot of love for Princess Principal and Ancient Magus Bride. guess i have some catching up to do.
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23 / F / My Room
Posted 1/20/18 , edited 1/20/18
There was some good stuff last year. My favorites for each season were;

Winter: well looking at the season chart Granblue Fantasy was the only one I actually finished and it was pretty boring... I'm watching Trickster now and it's kinda interesting, but only it's second season came out in winter 2017 so it's technically a fall 2016 anime that I'm watching in 2018 XD

Spring: Sagrada Reset, it has a slow start but it gets really interesting later on with all the unique abilities. Some people say the characters are boring or robotic, but I think it's part of their charm. Kado was good at first but it had a bad end not unlike a dating sim.

Summer: In Another World with my Smartphone was really funny, the main character is so over powered it's just great. I would say watching it gives a similar feeling to one of those cute slice of life comedies were nothing bad ever happens. Elegant Yokai apartment life was good too.

Fall: Kino's Journey was great, I watched the original a while ago and it was really nice to finally get more stories, this is the sort of anime that could go on forever I think. Blend S was funny. Recovery of an MMO Junkie was really good too.

If I had to pick a favorite for the year it would probably be Kino, but Sagrada is a close second.
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Posted 1/20/18 , edited 1/20/18
Technically a 2016 anime but it came out in US in 2017

All time fav anime has to Koe no Katachi

Perfectly shows the relationship of the two people and was a very real experience for personally because in a ton of ways I can relate to both Ishida and Shouko

Only regret is that we never got to see them get together but I think the main story is about their experience to their redemption, not really their romantic relationships but I still would have loved to see it happen
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56 / F / Behind you!
Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/21/18
Juuni Taisen: I know a lot of people felt it was too predictable and the fight scenes were too short, but I loved it even though the last episode felt a bit anticlimactic.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond: I enjoyed the more episodic feel of this season and the focus on the individual characters. And the climactic scene may be the most amazing thing I've ever seen in any anime ever.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu season 2: I wish more people watched this. Dark humor and fun characters from Japanese/Buddhist folklore. Plus the character design is pure eye candy.

The Ancient Magus's Bride: I love how it draws on British Isles folklore and how the magic is left a bit mysterious without everything being explained in detail.

Kino's Journey: Another episodic one with non-linear storytelling. I enjoy stuff that's whimsical but still has some darkness to it. I am definitely going to watch the original series next! I also plan to have my own flock of attack sheep someday.

Gintama slip arc: It was nice to re-visit some of the older bits from the manga and see the focus on that good ol' Gintama absurdity, especially with how intense the last few manga arcs have been.

Saiyuki Reload Blast: One of my ATF manga but I hated the earlier anime seasons. This one really nailed it, though. I wish they would go back and remake the whole thing.

Eccentric Family season 2: The themes of family, duty, identity and finding one's place in the world are deeply affecting and the art is gorgeous. And who doesn't love tanuki?


Black Clover. It's like the goal was "How many overused shonen tropes can we cram into one series?". Not to mention the MC having no inside voice. I couldn't make it past the second episode.

Yami Shibai season 4: Everything that made the first two seasons entertaining was completely gone by the fourth. I dropped it after the first few eps.
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33 / F / The Mormon land t...
Posted 1/23/18 , edited 1/23/18
Back Clover: Asts has no inside voice--ever. I would kill him any day because he is worse than my nephews on this and other actions...
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