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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
Hi Guys and Gals:

Just want to give you an updated list of legit anime websites as of December 2017.

Just being on this site means that you know at least one legit website. CRUNCHYROLL. Of course, Crunchyroll has partnered with Funimation in which this represents the second legit website for anime watching. Crunchyroll has rolled out their new service for just $9.99/mo. you can watch Crunchyroll, Funimation, and so much more called VRV. I wouldn't say VRV itself is an anime website since it's own by Crunchyroll and has essentially the same content as Crunchyroll and Funimation. Highly worth it and you still get Crunchyroll Premium Membership with a VRV subscription. The Anime Network or Sentai Filmworks offer their services in the past, but now have rolled to their new partner hiDive. Be sure to check out hiDive for anime that are older and are not available on VRV, Crunchyroll, or Funimation. Then there are new comers to the anime viewing business. Hulu once has a lot of anime services, however, they have changed their business model to allow more TV shows. Still, Hulu has some anime that are available but no exclusives. Then there is daisuki is owned by Bandai and other anime companies. They charge a nominal $5/mo. but offer shows that are licensed mostly by Bandai. Aniplex also offers their own channel, however, I see all my Aniplex shows on VRV. New to the anime viewing and offerring exclusive content would be Netflix and Amazon. Netflix includes shows from Pony Canyon, Aniplex, and a whole other licensed content exclusive. Amazon's animestrike also licensed shows like Vivid Strike (Nanoha series), Saekano Flat, Is it Wrong to Pickup Girls in the Dungeon Season 2, and Himouto Season 2. Lastly Amazon also offer Toku which features many other oldie animes.

Wrap up here are the updated 2017 legit websites to stream anime (in no particular order):
1.) Crunchyroll / VRV
2.) Funimation
3.) hiDive
4.) daisuki
5.) Aniplex Channel
6.) hulu
7.) Netflix
8.) Amazon's animestrike
9.) Toku via Amazon
10.) Viz (Formerly Neon Alley)

Due to the fact that YouTube sometimes feature legit anime and sometimes feature bootleg, I would only watch YouTube anime from legit channels such as Aniplex or Bandai. You can see a check mark next to their channel name showing that they have been verified. Also, be sure to check out the licensor's website to see which companies they do business with. Often times, they will show you a link to Crunchyroll or Funimation. I may miss other legit anime sites, but sites like veoh or anime[...] (the elipticals means feel in the blank) sites are often free and aren't legit. Try not using those sites. You can use Crunchyroll free and Funimation free with legit ads, not ads that support bootleg sites. Many of these sites are legit with a few exceptions so it could be worthwhile for those on a budget. For those who can afford it, I highly recommend getting VRV. It's a great service and you won't see ads plus you get Premium Crunchyroll membership.

Here are U.S. websites that I usually buy my official anime products:
1.) Crunchyroll
2.) Funimation
3.) Right Stuf Anime
4.) Tokyo Otaku Mode
5.) Sentai Filmworks
6.) NIS America
7.) (Beware of third-party sellers)

I will not trust eBay for getting official licensed anime products. Also, I will steer clear from AliExpress.

Happy watching and buying!

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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
A good list of anime website that people that are in America can go to. Of course, there is some that are not based in America but still support the anime area.

Anime Lab (Australia/New Zealand) with Madman Entertainment being a good shop for products
Kaze (France)
Wakanim (Nordics + France)

This is course from going on the r/anime site and checking legal streams.
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
Ebay is a mix bag. Advice I can give is to only buy from Japanese and US sellers and make sure the photos used for the listing are their own photos and not something from a store. Unless it's the actual store's ebay page (i.e AmiAmi is on ebay)

Also here some sites/stores that are based in Japan but ship to the US
HobbyLink Japan

There is more, but those are the shops I've had personal experiences with.
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
Isn't Crackle a legitimate streaming website? I know their anime offerings have dwindled over the years. it's sad because for a while there they hosted the only legal way to watch the first season of Nodame Cantabile, and I was hoping they would get the rest of the series... But nope.
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
Here's a couple legit once in sweden.
Crumchyroll (duh)
Wakanim premium, wakanim free and wakanim DRM free collection
Amazon prime video

Also Daisuki went bankrupt

Here's some places to buy merch, DVD and Blu-ray
ordbilder media
Impact japan
and pretty much any convention
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Posted 12/23/17 , edited 12/23/17
This is an outdated list but you can search through it and find out which sites are still functional.

Additionally, I know of one Asian (Chinese) site used to stream anime legally by the name of Bilibili although it's primary use seems to be video sharing (think YouTube) but I've seen it as a sponsor (?) on some anime.


A tip for improving this thread is providing links to the site, for example:

Crunchyroll -> Crunchyroll.

You can also go and color code things to make it a bit easier to view. Alphabetization will help and separating sites by regions, too.
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