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Posted 12/24/17 , edited 12/25/17
Hey! This is my first topic so sorry if I put it in the wrong place, but I wanted to ask from someone who stopped watching Naruto when the Pain Arc finished. Is Boruto: Naruto Next Generation worth getting back into?
Would me not knowing everything else after Pain affect how much I would enjoy the series as a whole?
Is there anything I would need to know before watching again?
I'm alright with knowing spoilers from Naruto if that might be an issue! Just be sure to Spoiler it for others who haven't caught up.
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Posted 12/24/17 , edited 12/24/17
I would not recommend jumping from Pain to Boruto. It will spoil a lot of Shippuden if you ever choose to revisit it. And you will be a bit confused as to what's going on without knowing anything about the outcome and repurcussions of the fourth great ninja war.

Should just finish up Shippuden first. It's a lot less painful at this point than watching it week by week since you can skip fillers.

However if you are dead set against watching any more of Shippuden, it probably wouldn't completely ruin the enjoyment since the focus is mainly on new characters, and you can at least get a gist of what the old characters had been up to up until that point.
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Posted 12/25/17 , edited 12/25/17
Just watch the first ep then if you don't like it drop it.
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