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Posted 12/26/17 , edited 12/27/17
So the concept is pretty straightforward, if a tad convoluted to implement in the current CR environment:

Add user created shows that have episodes added from the entire crunchyroll library. Some possibilities could be "correct" watch order for multi-show series like Fate or the Monogatari series. Or something where a show is rebooted, and one part of the original is more fleshed out than the reboots' version, like with the Nina side story of Full Metal Alchemist, which gets crunched down to a couple of episodes in FMA Brotherhood, which really makes it lose its impact.

This definitely falls in to the nice to have category as it seems that CR is trying to push people to move to VRV (I have). Although with a less established user base, something like this could work. The downside, of course, is what to do when licenses expire, or partnerships end. The possibility of orphaned playlists is very high.

So maybe something like a maintenance task that runs once per week, perhaps immediately after an indexing job. It goes through all of the public playlists, looks for any broken links, and notifies the creator that their playlist doesn't work anymore.
Posted 12/26/17 , edited 12/27/17
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