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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/28/17
Say the name of the ability you will use to overcome the event described above. Then describe an event for the below person to use an ability to overcome. You're free to give details about what the ability does/did.


Person 1: The village you live in is flooded with water and you're drowning!

Person 2: I use my Teleport ability and keep teleporting up until im at the surface of the water

You're being attacked by a giant golem, magic doesnt work on it!

Person 3: I use my Nature's Friend ability to tame it and lead it away

The demon lord ambushed you and your friends while you were traveling, everyone is in trouble!

And so on..

Alright I'll begin... While exploring a cave you set of some dart traps! Now you and your party members are poisoned and enemies are getting closer!
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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/29/17
Using Wolverine's powers, I healed from the poison and then cut the enemy to pieces and then proceeded to get help for the reat of my party.

You are trapped in an airport with a suitcase full of drugs, the cops are seconds away from arresting you!
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Posted 6/3/18 , edited 6/4/18
I use my powers of invisibility to slip away.

Some drunk guy on the subway vomits on your shoes.
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Posted 6/3/18 , edited 6/3/18
Welp, there go my shoes. Unless my ability to control matter kicks in, manipulating the vomit to be removed from my shoes and splattering it onto the person's face.

Your awkward friend doesn't get the hint that you want him/her to leave.
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