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Post Reply Is there a job where it guarantees you never get fired?
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Posted 1/1/18 , edited 1/1/18
How about actually doing the job you were hired to do during the hours that you are paid to do it
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Posted 1/2/18 , edited 1/2/18
Yeah my job I can do that, manager is really cool. Even if I am late, long as I shown up before 11am, we are cool and I can make up my hours. The jobs are out there, they are just not the best for long term career.

Working in a print shop.
Posted 1/2/18 , edited 1/3/18
being your own manager

probably ^ ..
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Posted 1/4/18 , edited 1/5/18
Not sure that's possible, but the closest thing I know of would be doing any job that's grant funded. They typically let you "work" from home, & you just file a report every now & then.

Grants are rarely results-oriented. They mistake taking actions (or saying you took actions) for actually producing/improving things. If you can get advocacy grants that's even better - you just have to make people aware of something. Tweet to 10 people and you "raised awareness" of whatever issue. The downside is if the grant runs out, you may be out of a job (or need to find another grant).

There's a woman I know who is making $70k "working" from home (mows her lawn, cleans her pool, etc.). I also worked at a place that had an entire grant-funded department & 2/3 of them never even came in; they were "engaging the public" or "getting buy-in from advocates" or whatever else, which oddly never seemed to bring in any more money or improve whatever they were trying to fix. We had one person go to South America to visit family for 2 months & log in to send 1 work-related email each week so they could say they were working & get paid for it.
Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/22/18
Being a landlord
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