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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/29/17
Hey, I am wondering if anyone can suggest a completed anime with 100+ episodes to watch.
I want something in the background that I can put on and watch while not having to pay 100% attention and still get the story.

I've watched all the mainstream popular anime, but I got bored of One Piece and Naruto and I don't find Dragon ball super all that entertaining. I finished bleach...should have ended episodes earlier but besides the point.

I don't like having animes stop halfway through with no chance of continuing, like Deadman wonderland or other anime like that. I'm not above watching them I just would rather know I'm getting the full story. And don't say read the manga. I don't like pictures. If it was like a book with no pictures than I would.

If anyone has a finished anime, like Akame ga kill or something along those lines with less episodes feel free to suggest it I normally have a few series going on at a time, I just want something that has length to it that I don't have to pay attention too.

And yes. I'm watching Jojo's bizarre adventure, but it isn't something you can put on in the background. You actually have to pay attention to it. I mean, I turned away for two minutes and some guy is basically having oral sex with a cherry.
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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/29/17
Try tournament-type anime? However, even if more than 100 episodes, several are not finished.

Games: Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight!! Vanguard G, Beyblade, Bakugan, Monster Strike (short)

Sports: Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basuke*

*never watched Kuroko in the background, but should be fine
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Posted 12/28/17 , edited 12/28/17

It's more episodic than not for as far as I got into it (80 or so episodes), and it's hilarious, but if you miss a few in succession or miss a few scenes, I haven't found that you really miss much of anything.

EDIT: it's not finished, but I also suspect it NEVER will.. Which is kinda good for what you want. You'll also never catch up...
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Posted 12/29/17 , edited 12/29/17
Personally I've always found it difficult to just put new anime on in the background, especially subbed anime. I typically will put anime I've already seen in the background, and I actually do that quite frequently. Some of the longer anime I tend to background-watch would be Soul Eater (though not in a while now), A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Magical Index, Avatar the Last Air Bender (though not really an anime), among others. If what you're really looking for is other somewhat longer shounen anime, then I would recommend Rurouni Kenshin, YuYu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, and maybe Fairy Tail. Also not quite as long but still pretty good are Nanatsu no Taizai and My Hero Academia.
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