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Posted 12/29/17 , edited 12/29/17
Heroes, schmeroes. What would they be if they didn't have a foe worth their time? The hunter is nothing without the hunt, and therefore a super hero is nothing without a good villain. Which villains from whatever cartoon, anime, TV series, movie, etc. did you find so amazing that for once, you actually thought it was good to be bad?

My favorite villains are as follows, and you'll see a certain pattern with them: They all have capes (for the most part) and they all have awesome headgear.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, A.K.A.

The master of magnetism himself, and easily one of the coolest designed villains ever IMO. That slick helmet, that badass cape that just screams "I'm the fucking boss." His powers make him impervious to most conventional weaponry. What are you gonna do, charge at him with a stick? Don't make me laugh.

Not only is he so badass, his villainy is actually for a good cause: The salvation of his people. Mutants have been suffering from discrimination and violence, and he wants to put an end to that. Even as a villain, it's kind of hard to root against him.

Oroku Saki, A.K.A.

No, not that silly cartoon Shredder, (even though he did look cool and was my introduction to the character) and ESPECIALLY NOT Michael Bay's shitty excuse of a Shredder. THE Shredder from the original TMNT comics, which the first live movie was based off of, is and always will be the quintessential Shredder. He was fierce. He was skilled in combat. And unlike every other incarnation, he was INTIMIDATING AS FUCK. Every word he spoke was commanding and powerful.

The final act of the live movie had all four turtles face Shredder, and in a brilliant display of skill, Shredder kicked ALL of their asses, solidifying what a threat he was. Unfortunately, like many great villains, he was a victim of his own hubris (and rage), and that led to a wounded and battered Splinter to easily dispatch him. He returns in the second movie and even becomes Super Shredder, but it was so badly written - and Super Shredder dies off in such a stupid manner - that it should be disregarded.

Notably the only major villain on this list that doesn't have a cape - he's a giant robot for Christ's sake! And who needs a cape when you possess a BIG ASS GUN!? While all of the kids my age were fawning over goody two-shoes Optimus Prime, Megatron's design stood out to me right away and instantly made me a fan. And just like Magneto, he also seems to fight for a cause bigger than himself: Restoring his ruined homeworld Cybertron. He's a surprisingly complex character, with Optimus even mentioning that in another time and place, they would've been allies.

Did I mention how awesome that BIG ASS GUN was? That gun, along with the helmet and Frank Welker's voice acting, made Megatron a very memorable villain for me. Now if only Michael Bay (ugh, him again) would stop fucking him up in the movies and give him his big gun back - no, the arms fusing together into a cannon doesn't count.


The Lord of Outworld really takes the Skeletor look to the next level. He turns what would be a boring looking skull into a war helm, with some spikey shoulder pads that elevate the warlord look, and a booming voice that mocks you constantly as you fight him. And man is this bastard cheap: He can charge in and knock you down easily, Sparta-kick you across the screen, or play whack-a-mole with your head using his giant hammer.

And once he's done kicking your ass, you hear that familiar cackle at the end, followed by "You weak, pathetic fool," or "You suck." Not a final boss for someone with thin skin to face.

Anakin Skywalker, A.K.A.

As if he even needed an introduction. If you've followed the trend that I've stated earlier (capes, awesome helmets), then eventually you knew you were gonna see this guy.

Vader's backstory could have been filmed better, but that doesn't diminish the fact that he is one of the most iconic villains in history. Vader seemingly has it all: An awesome suit and helm (despite it being uncomfortable and the only thing sustaining his life), one of the most badass and recognizable voices ever heard. He also possesses a deadly weapon and skillset that includes a blood red lightsaber, and the ability to use the force to force block lasers, force choke a bitch, and force pimp smack some rebel scum across the room.

We all know the prequels made him look like a whiny punk that hates sand, and we got to see relatively little of the iconic black armor-clad machine that made him legendary. Luckily, Rogue One did the character justice by showing you exactly why this evil bastard is to be feared, resulting in some of the most memorable moments in Star Wars history. Not bad for a side story.
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Posted 12/29/17 , edited 12/30/17
If someone asks me who is my favorite live-action movie villain, I'd probably say it's Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

This soulless Cthulhu deathlord monster of a villain is one of the few from movies I actually remember, has a kickass theme, and, most importantly, made me discover my favorite musician.

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Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/22/18
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