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Posted 12/29/17 , edited 1/3/18
After years struggling to write a novel with interesting characters I decided to try fanfiction, both for fun and as a writing exercise. Kyo Odyssey an alternate universe story sending Demon Eyes Kyo and Shiina Yuya on a new adventure to far and distant lands. The story is nearly complete, I'll be posting two chapters per week to give myself time to polish up the end and give my proofreader time to get it corrected.

If you're unfamiliar with Samurai Deeper Kyo you should still be able to enjoy the story. My proofreader never read the manga, or any manga actually, and she thinks it's entertaining.

I changed the name from "Kyo Odyssey" to "The Golden Princess and the Demon Prince" after a discussion with a reader. The new title gives a better feel for the story.

I posted it on AOO, here's a link:

And here's the prologue, to give a little taste of my writing style:

The masked man watched from the shadows, taking care not to be seen by the young samurai walking along the forest path. His black kimono and hakama were made of fine silk, but were worn and tattered. Short, unruly black hair framed his face. He walked with his back straight, a hand on the hilt of his sword. His distinctive red eyes showed neither fear nor surprise when a group of armed mercenaries burst from the undergrowth to surround him, the edges of their weapons glinting in the dappled sun.

“Demon Eyes Kyo, we’re here for your head and the one thousand gold coins that it will bring,” a man brandishing a rusty sword said as he stepped forward.

The samurai said nothing, his mouth twisting slightly in irritation as he surveyed the opponents facing him. The leader signaled to attack and the fight began. Kyo smoothly dodged the first strike as he drew his weapon and casually sliced through the tendons on both wrists of the sword wielding leader. The man screamed as his weapon dropped from his now useless hands. In a fluid movement, Kyo pivoted and drew his sword down the back of a second opponent before returning to the first and finishing him with a quick slice to the throat.

Realizing that he was no easy prey, the rest of the bandits attacked at once, yelling in fear and anger as they charged. Kyo moved like a shadow in their midst, always on the attack as he felled one opponent after another. He didn’t even attempt to avoid all of the blades seeking him out. As his blood began to flow a fierce grin broke out on his face.

While he was fully focused on the group fighting in close quarters, an archer hiding among the trees knocked an arrow and aimed. The arrow thudded into Kyo’s back and he staggered slightly. The men surrounding him shouted to finish him off and lunged forward as one.

Gritting his teeth in sudden anger, Kyo began hacking through the poorly trained bandits like a woodsman through brush. All the while he was dodging and cutting the arrows that continued to fly toward him out of the air. With the power of his anger fueling him, the crimson eyed samurai was unstoppable and soon the numbers around him were dwindling.

The three remaining attackers all lunged at the same time but were too slow. Kyo dropped low to the ground to avoid a cut for his neck and attacked from below, slicing up the leg and abdomen of the first before turning and cutting across the torso of the second. The last man standing didn’t even have time to realize he was alone before loosing his head to a final strike.

As the last bandit fell, Kyo turned toward the archer with a murderous look on his face. Reaching over his shoulder he snapped off the shaft of the arrow protruding from his back as he stalked across the clearing. The man dropped his bow and drew a sword, stepping forward to face Kyo. A few quick blows were exchanged as the men tested each other’s skill. Kyo drew blood from the man’s upper arm and then just above the knee, while the archer got in a shallow cut along Kyo’s ribs and another near the shoulder.

They separated for a moment and Kyo feigned an opening which the man went for with the intention of finishing the fight. Kyo deflected the blow with his sword. He then turned his own blade and struck quickly, cutting his attacker from shoulder to navel. Blood flowed and the shock quickly faded from the man’s face as he fell, lifeless, to the ground. Kyo grimaced as he cleaned and sheathed his sword. He walked a few steps down the road before his strength gave out and he collapsed among the bodies of the bandits who had tried to kill him.

The masked man, who had been watching with interest, soundlessly turned away from the bloody scene and disappeared into the forest.
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