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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 1/1/18

SAGA is a mature space fantasy comic book series by writer Brian K Vaughn & illustrated by Fiona Staples. Launched in March, 2012 from Image Comics, it has garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim, becoming one of the most celebrated comics in the United States. The comic stars Marko from Wreath & Alana from Landfall, a husband and wife on the run from military forces after giving birth to their cross-species daughter, Hazel.

The comic is currently on a scheduled hiatus, as the book prepares for the launch of a new arc with issue 49. Brian & Fiona take a hiatus after every major volume to recuperate and prepare the next story arc.

With that out of the way, I wondered if anyone here was reading Saga and what they thought of it?

Primarily, to kick the discussion off, let's start at the beginning; A cover deemed too controversial, as Alana breastfeeds Hazel on issue one. Was this really an issue? I mean, I knew people had thrown some fits at the time, but I find the uproar absurd. My wife breastfed our child, and I really see nothing inherently provocative in the act.
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Posted 1/1/18 , edited 1/2/18
Love this series. I personally didn't find the first cover to be an issue, though I see why it might offend others. I actually think the cover depicts Alana perfectly, holding a weapon in one hand and her baby Hazel in the other. The breast-feeding shows that she's motherly and the gun tells us she'll go to any lengths to protect her child. I really love Alana. She's strong, and flawed, and just really amazing.
Haven't caught up yet, I think I'm in the middle of Book 2.
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Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
I ran across this a few weeks ago and am still considering reading it
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Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/10/18
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Posted 1/16/18 , edited 1/16/18
I'm a huge fan of Image comics and Saga is one of my absolute favorite series. I own all 8 volumes that have been released so far and have read every single chapter. I love the incredibly diverse and fantastic universe that Brian K Vaughn has created with all these different strange peoples, species, and characters. It may seem like your typical star crossed lovers/Romeo and Juliet style stories, but the focus isn't really on the romance between the two main characters as much as it is about the misfit family they create together and their struggles to survive and grow as people. It's an utterly unique and fantastic story that I think everyone should check out.

As for the supposed controversy, meh. I don't think there's anything wrong with the cover of issue one. I honestly think it's a pretty good representation of what you're going to get reading the comic. If you're really that hung up on breastfeeding then this comic probably isn't for you. There's a lot of nudity and sex in this story, so if something as innocuous as breastfeeding is going to get you into a tizzy then you're going to be outraged by some of the stuff that's actually in the comic.

Still though, as long as you're not the world's biggest prude I highly recommend giving this a read.
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Posted 3/2/18 , edited 3/2/18
It's back! New issue out last Wednesday.
I love SAGA, Fiona Staples & BKV!

I love that the cover of vol 2 of the hardcover collection is a giant middle finger to anyone who got offended over issue #1:
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Posted 5/12/18 , edited 5/12/18
Image has definitely come a long way from the 2nd rate big-two knockoff characters of the 90s. Saga, Lazarus, Descender, Rat Queens, Paper Girls...they're producing some of the best US titles to hit the market these days. I only buy TPBs, so I'm pretty well guaranteed to be behind, but I love them.
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Posted 5/14/18 , edited 5/14/18
I've only read the first volume which I greatly enjoyed. Based on my friends' rabid recommendation, I bought the two deluxe volumes and plan to read them soon.
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