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Posted 1/3/18 , edited 1/4/18
Our team of reviewers are following 31 anime series of the Fall 2017 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up. So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season.

The Top 2 switched places for the final EP and 1 / 2 final season average

UP [email protected] #1.Girls' Last Tour /
Down [email protected] #2.Land of the Lustrous FINAL EP

For the last week we're doing a little something different / Episode Rankings for the final episodes

With the week of December 24-30, the Fall 2017 season is now over. But many of the series already ended the previous week, so we're adding an extra "final" week where all the last episodes are ranked against each other. With this we can see which series ended on a strong note and which ones ended more weakly. That means the "final ep." column is a repeat of the last episode from Dec 17-23 or Dec 24-30. And the "prev week change" is the difference in position between the "final ep." column and the penultimate episode.

Along the actual ranking for this week's episodes, this graph chronicles the change in position from week to week. While some series are stable, others swing wildly in the rankings depending on the strength of each episode. When a series has no episode for a given week, the previous week's episode is used instead as a placeholder. The first episode of each series is considered as part of the first week, even if it really aired during the second week. Click on the numbers to highlight a particular series.

UP 2 @ #2.Girls' Last Tour /
same 1 @ # 1 Land of the Lustrous / Cumulative Ranking for Fall 2017

Each week's ranking takes into account the scores given to previous weeks' episodes. Click on the numbers to highlight a particular series. With the last episode duplicated in the "final ep." column, it means that the votes for the last episode of each series are counted twice, which intentionally gives a boost to series that ended strongly. This somewhat compensates for the fact that the first episode of each series has more votes, which favors series that started strongly.

So this is it, the final ranking, the winners and losers of the Fall 2017 season.


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Posted 1/3/18 , edited 1/4/18
Ousama Game was a flatliner.
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