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Posted 1/6/18 , edited 1/6/18
So, a while back i decided to change my payment renewal on my Premium account from every month, to 12 month renewal. Well when i tried to make the change, i just got "You may not change your plan at this time."

So today i got fed up with never being able to change it so i canceled my sub and tried to go to the Premium mebership plan page and choose "Renew membership" which i then get the error "Sorry, you are ineligible because you already had a free trial or are currently a Premium Member."

On the Premium plan page i get this message as well:

"You are already a Premium Member, but you can still upgrade your account, or gift a Membership to a friend."

When i try to choose the upgrade to Premium+ for 11.95 a month, the page flashes, loads AND THEN DOSN'T GO ANYWARE. I am NOT using any antivirus or add on that would interfere with the page loading.

If i don't get a response to this post i guess Crunchyroll just dosn't care that they have a terrible setup for there payment system and i will just not have a membership, even though i have been a member since like 2011.

Renew my account, for 12 month payment interval, for the regular premium membership. I have ever EVERYTHING i should have ever had to do to have a premium membership and am NOT doing it again. Sign me back up with the payment method thats already on file, or i just won't have an account.

Thanks, Nate
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Posted 1/6/18 , edited 1/6/18
Your profile still shows that you are premium (you have a green star), so you won't be able to resubscribe until that changes.

If you aren't currently getting premium benefits because of a glitch, then contact support directly, a post in the forums isn't going to help, that is only for peer to peer support: /contact

If you are still able to view "crown" videos though, then you will have to wait until the star goes away to re-sign up. At that time you can visit this page: /premium_pick_plan?membership=premium
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