Crunchyroll Crashes
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Posted 1/6/18 , edited 1/6/18
If it wasn't for their superior UI, there'd be no point to subscribing to Crunchyroll. Although they cost the same amount, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, even Funimation don't have near the problems of this site. It's getting more and more lucrative to just watch the anime that doesn't work here, on illegal sites. [Illegal Site] has a larger selection, is uncensored, and, most importantly, always works.

The only reason I pay for a premium membership is 1080p (vs 720 on [Illegal Site] ), the fun comment box at the bottom (which unfortunately has no notifications), the "next" button, and that fuzzy feeling for going the ethical route (I'm not gonna pay $30-$200 for a DVD box set I may or may not enjoy so subscription services are the next best thing to support the industry).

The moral of the story is, pay for the subscription services (Crunchyroll, AnimeAttack on Amazon, Hulu,) for that warm fuzzy feeling (except Funimation, fuck Funimation and their 2 episode previews), then go watch your shows on [Illegal Site] .
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Posted 1/6/18 , edited 1/7/18
Accidental duplicate. Closed
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