Crunchy Crashed, again
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Posted 1/6/18 , edited 1/7/18
This site has way too many problems. I previously typed a long, semi-angry rant on here after I got yet another error screen from trying to watch a show, but Crunchyroll decided to drive my point home for me. When I posted the topic, the site crashed. This is the 2nd draft, which I copied. That was fortunate, because the site crashed yet again. Then again. This is attempt number 4.

The moral of the original rant was: Pay for online streaming content to support the industry (Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, AnimeStrike on Amazon,--fuck Funimation and their 2 episode previews, greedy whores--), then go watch everything on KissAnime, you know, that illegal streaming site that always works and has a stupidly extensive catalogue.

I watch shows on here because it's easy to navigate, there's a fun little comment box at the bottom (even though it doesn't have notifications), and the viewing window has a "next" button. Premium for the 1080p. Not much of a hook, especially considering the site has sooo many technical issues. But I'll continue my membership because I love Anime and it's the only thing I can do to keep them churning out those addicting shows! Though, sometimes it really is frustrating to be a fan.

The takeaway, Crunchyroll:

Right now, with your unwelcoming error screens, you're begging to be passed over. You're a poorly scripted tsundere. But I know, deep...deep...deep, deep down you want to be loved. Help me like you. Please, be my moe. You just need to work.  I don't need all that much of a performance from you. Because I know, nothing's free. As much as that other site has to offer, I know it will never compare to the peace of mind $11.95 will buy from you. Hurry, before I'm irrevocably infected by some Virtual Disease from the freebees.
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