Post Reply Does anyone know if Kimi ni Todoke - From Me To You will have a 3rd season?
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Posted 1/7/18 , edited 1/7/18
So, I only recently discovered the anime. And it's already become a favorite! But I see there are only 2 seasons. I read an article from 2016 that said there would be a 3rd season. Does anyone know if that's true or was it fake? ;.;
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Posted 1/8/18 , edited 1/8/18
I think it's okay in this case to be cautiously optimistic.

I saw the article you mentioned, in which NTV expressed a desire to finish the manga, was starting work on a script, and negotiating a deal with the publisher. The article did seem legit, as far as I can tell, and is a reason it is okay to be hopeful.

However, there are at least three reasons for caution:

1) "Starting negotiations" is a very long way from "the deal is done"
2) It's been several months, and I've seen no follow-up articles--at least in English--about how we can expect it this year
3) The standard, default answer whenever someone asks "Is anime X going to get another season?" is always "No", unless the anime in question is one of a handful of the most popular shounen properties: One Piece, AoT, SAO, etc. (or, for some reason, the Monogatari series, not that I mind)

That being said, the manga is coming to an end very soon, and it is being published in English, so you can always get your KnT fix that way.
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