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Post Reply Is it weird to love writing but hate reading books?
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Posted 1/29/18 , edited 1/29/18
This question reminds me of the author's note at the start of The Fifth Sorceress where the author proudly boasts about writing his first fantasy novel without reading any other fantasy novel. What followed was the worst novel I have ever read in any genre.

Not only was the story itself filled with tired and lazy cliches, 2 dimensional characters and a plot from the worst B-movie ever written, but the actual grammatical and sentence structures of the writing were appalling.

Normally I get annoyed when there are a few errors in a novel - it shows lazy editing. In this case there were so many basic issues with the story in the space of the first chapter that I can only assume the editor just gave up and released it for publication regardless of quality.

While I can sympathise if you have trouble visualising a story I doubt you will be successful in writing fiction until you can recognise what makes a good book. That isn't to say it is impossible for you; after all, we have deaf musicians and blind artists. You will just have to find someway to compensate for having a different perception to other authors.
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