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Posted 1/8/18 , edited 1/8/18
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any recommendations for manga that would be useful for someone learning Japanese (around N4/N3 level)?

I've been reading a few shounen manga (especially sports manga), which is OK difficulty-wise, but contains a lot of slang and informal speech. In terms of shoujo manga, Kiss Him Not Me (私がモテてどうすんだ) seems to be a little better in terms of correct grammar and politeness levels, which is slightly handier for me as a student. Any suggestions would be welcome, though titles that use slightly more formal grammar/vocabulary would be particularly appreciated.

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Posted 1/8/18 , edited 1/8/18
not really a manga (in the usual way), but if you're comfortable with N3 level Japanese, then i'd strongly recommend
マンがでわかる仕事の敬語, which teaches how to not suck at keigo at business settings.
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