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Posted 1/8/18 , edited 1/9/18
I have been a premium member for about three years or so and ever since VrV has been launched the quality of service has taken a massive nose dive.
From the website navigation
to the website crashes weekly ( I pay for a service I have no access too on a weekly basis practically. great right?)
Crunchy has offered little in the way of solving any of the issues other than there messages for when the website are down just try to push people to VrV the nightmarish streaming platform.

I have canceled my membership as it has become cumbersome to try to access Crunchyroll on a saturday when DB Super has its episode only to find out hey I can't. and have this repeat weekly. and poor salt in the wound they have the gall to push VrV which isn't exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to streaming platforms on people with their error messages.

I may reconsider subscribing when they fix the traffic issues and stop forcing vrv on people but until then I guess it means other means for me to watch shows.
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Posted 1/8/18 , edited 1/9/18
they made significant impoverment to the site service. now it no longer crashes on Saturdays and Sundays.
instead, the site now crashes on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays as well!
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Posted 1/9/18 , edited 1/9/18
this weekend has been down for me
my last one was 4 months ago

got to love the new Intel Meltdown & Spectre bugs
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