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Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/10/18
hey everyone,
i have been enjoying anime for a while now so i wanted to start reading some manga or light novels as well. i am looking for recommendations in the horror and/or mystery theme, but im also open to other recommendations.
i want to thank you all in advance
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Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/11/18
If you're looking for horror/mystery, I highly recommend Another. As for other suggestions, these are some of the ones I currently own and am reading.
-Spice and Wolf
-Goblin Slayer
-The Saga of Tanya the Evil
-The Devil is a Part-Timer
-So I'm a Spider, so What?
-The Zodiac War
-The Empty Box of Zeroth Maria
-Re:Zero (Though, from your picture, I assume your already reading or watching)
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Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/11/18
Light Novels: (I've read four series)
Spice and Wolf: Smartly written, witty dialogue, great characters, interesting fantasy world.
Toradora: Excellent school-age romance / coming of age. The LN is much more in-depth than the anime, with a better ending.
SAO: just like the anime, but a bit more character development, and told in a slightly different order.
Baka & Test: Starts out funny, but the jokes get old by about the third volume. It ends well, though.

I've heard great things about the Monogatari novel series (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, etc.), but haven't read it yet (the anime are awesome, though).

My favorite Manga include, in some order:

Ah My Goddess! (Romance, comedy, drama)
Angel Densetsu (Comedy, some romance)
My Love Story! (Romantic Comedy)
Change 123 (Romance, Comedy, Martial Arts)
Umi no Misaki (Romance, Harem)
SA: Special A (Romantic Comedy)

I haven't read much mystery or horror manga. Of the manga that I've really enjoyed, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is probably the only one that could be categorized as either.
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Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/11/18
I'd say Detective Conan if you love mystery. I know it's a super long series, but all you really need to know is the first episode/chapter, and after that you can really watch/read anything else since every story is a nice two parter (usually). Also, some of the stories it tells can be chilling. If you want a taste for it I'd recommend episode 1 and episodes 57-58 as a testing ground.

Another mystery is Sherlock Bones. It's essentially what if Sherlock Holmes was a cute dog that solves mysteries and smokes a pipe. It's short and a fine enough series. If you want horror I'd say Parasyte, anything by Junji Ito, and Black Butler. Black Butler isn't a straight up horror, but it deals enough in supernatural and it gets pretty darn dark at times that I'll include it too.

Ah, and Light Novels. I'd recommend Overlord, and the Bakemonogatari novels, but for those I'd start with Kizumonogatari as that's the first story chronologically and I think more into the supernatural/horror than the Bake books.
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Posted 1/10/18 , edited 1/11/18

20th Century Boys
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