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Posted 4/18/18 , edited 4/19/18
A little late to the party, but as always with this series. I absolutely loved it. I think the only gripe I would have is the aesthetic downgrade and as HowlingLotus already said. The 12 minute length episodes were not enough for me. Besides that, the voice actors and the character interactions were majestic as always, especially for Hotaru. I can never get enough Hotaru interactions with everybody. So when she left (obv different opinion. I have realized as of recent.... waifu regardless of story is a big deal) I was a bit worried, but Hajime made it right back to hella good times. There were a lot of episodes that I enjoyed, but episode 12. I enjoyed the most. The MC started at Season 1 drawing manga with a person that looked like Hotaru and he happened to encounter her. So, it was fitting to see Hotaru come back at the end of the season. I have probably rewatched it like 3 times honestly. Overall, the new studio kept the tone of the series and I think it was one hell of a good ride. I liked Season 1 better though, but the Studio behind Season 1 will be hard to top.

I think in terms of the manga. It has either already ended or it has a few chapters left. Sadly, in terms of it being animated. I guess its probably small. I really hope not, but it is what it is. When the series does end, I hope the mangaka writes a new series because (again imho) Hotaru was a character in terms of design and personality.... something I don't see at all in anime anymore. I believe this mangaka has talent. So hopefully, he continues to write. Now the wait to own Season 2. LOL
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Posted 4/22/18 , edited 4/22/18
Dagashi Kashi 2 EP 7 "Hajime Owari, Chochoball, and..."

Hajime oh my!

Dagashi Kashi 2 EP 8 "Roll Candy, High Eight Chocolate, and..."

Saya is consumed by jealousy

Dagashi Kashi 2 EP 9"Internets, Super Ball, and..." SHORT

Oh they should have used "Go Daddy "

Dagashi Kashi 2 EP 10 "Monjiro Squid, Manga Manuscript, and..."

After setting up the shop's website, Shikada Dagashi receives its first delivery order. Later on, Kokonotsu decides to bring his manga to an on-site manga review event.

Dagashi Kashi 2 EP 11 "Homerun Bar Winning Stick, Snow, and..."
I feel kinda bad about K' manga then Hotaru is at the same train station

With the help from Hajime, Saya, and To, Kokonotsu completes his manga in time and brings it to the On-site Manga Review Event

Dagashi Kashi 2 EP 12"I'm Back, Welcome Back, and..."

First I missed Hotaru / a nice quiet plaxe atb the station for both of them

Then everybody wants Kokonotsu to do what they think is best for him
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