The Ancient Magus Bride not on Crunchyroll App?

Posted 1/11/18 , edited 1/12/18
I'm really new here so I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I'm trying to watch The Ancient Magus Bride on my iPad which forces me to use the Crunchyroll app. Through the app, it only has the 3 part OVA and not the episodes. Am I doing something wrong, or does the app not support all of the anime?
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Posted 1/11/18 , edited 1/12/18
I don't own an iDevice so I can only suggest the general troubleshooting steps for videos that show up on the site but not in the apps.

In the case of videos getting filtered by the content filter:
Go to /acct/?action=video and set the Mature Content Filter to "Show Mature Content", also check if you have a similar setting you can set in the app.

In the case of videos getting filtered based on language settings:
On the same settings page try setting the Default Language to English (US), provided that's the language you want to watch things in of course, do the same in the app if applicable.

In the case of geolocation behaving oddly:
Got to /contact on your device, scroll to the bottom and check if it detects you in the correct region.
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Posted 1/12/18 , edited 1/12/18
Looks like the user nuked, so closed thread. But for anyone else with similar issues, definitely check your mature filter if you're noticing devices lacking the same anime your computer does!
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