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Posted 1/13/18 , edited 1/13/18
You know how BioWare is known for giving you a group of AI-controlled companions to accompany you on your journey, including Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: KOTOR, Jade Empire, the Mass Effect trilogy, and Dragon Age, right? And you know how, if certain developers had the time and resources, they'd incorporate co-op multiplayer into their own single-player campaigns, right?

Why don't most other AAA developers give you AI-controlled companions who fall into many of the exact same archetypes as BioWare's party-members (e.g. the bland nice guy, the socially awkward nice girl, the mean-spirited girl with a heart of gold, the proud warrior/assassin, the non-human sidekick, the mentor, etc.) in most of their single-player games? And why is it, instead, they would rather focus on the Call of Duty formula of incorporating class-based, team-objective online competitive multiplayer, rather than the BioWare formula of AI companions in single-player campaigns?
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