Who is your favorite Idol?

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Posted 1/14/18 , edited 1/14/18

My favorite idol is Syo!! He is adorable, tough and amazing! He works so hard even though he has a heart condition and does whatever he can to make his dreams come true. I admire him so much for that! <3

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Posted 2/27/18 , edited 2/27/18
Tokiya and Masato are a tie in my heart. Part of me didn't want to like Tokiya because he's such a stereotypical main male protagonist, but after the first season he becomes so nice and polite to Haruka, it's heart-warming. And Masato hits all the strong & silent type marks that I love.
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Posted 8/6/18 , edited 8/6/18
Three way tie between Masato, Natsuki, and Cecil!
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