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Posted 1/15/18 , edited 1/18/18
I've been a premium subscriber for something like 5 years now, and for the first time I'm thinking of canceling my membership. It seems like crunchyroll spends no money, at all, on developing new features or fixing current issues with the site. The comment section broke years ago, making it so you can no longer sort comments by most popular and it STILL hasn't been fixed. HTML5 is long, long, overdue and is still in beta for Safari only as I hear. Seriously, Safari? Safari is terrible and you cant get it on Windows, and I'm guessing windows users make up the majority of users on this site. You also have to be Premium Plus? Are you serious? Do you guys even know what a fucking beta is? I'm guessing you do, you just want to try and give one more reason to get premium plus of premium, well its done the opposite. I want to cancel because of this.

Another main issue, which has been sort of fixed I suppose, is the deliberate downgrading of video quality hosted on Crunchyroll. I wont go into detail here because this Medium post explains everything perfectly (

Maybe you guys should spend a little more money hiring people that will actually improve the site and fix things that have legitimately been broken for YEARS instead of licensing the shitiest shows of the season.
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Posted 1/18/18 , edited 1/18/18
Actually they did have some decent programmers which they let go for some imports from someplace else. Plus, I suspect what people they have are mostly working on keeping VRV running with maybe a skeleton crew doing duck tape patches to keep this site from totally crashing.
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