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Posted 7/15/07 , edited 7/16/07
Basicly goes like this...
Someone starts a sentance or a topic. And everyone else just adds on to it or responds to it.
This isn't ment to be a chain game. Like the show, these last for only a few minutes at a time, or in this case around 10-15ish replies.

Whenever a new topic is started it's the user's responsibility to "Start it like this." In bold.
Keep it funny, keep everyone else's head hurting, and give me your money.

"So who's the famous chick that got out of jail?"
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Posted 7/16/07 , edited 7/16/07
I've asked around and noone seems to understand this game! From what i can tell; it is a discussion game *confused*
I'm locking this one but you're free to make it again with better instructions ^-^. Perhaps with information on the TV show- because i've never heard of it ^-^

~ Locked ^-^
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