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Posted 1/17/18 , edited 1/19/18
Hello, the first episode in the anime "Death Marth to the Parallel World" has had its audio subtitled, but most of the Japanese writing that visually appears in the anime was left untranslated. Some Japanese writing was translated, like the name of some cities on a map, but none of the game text that appeared in the top left was translated, causing viewers to miss important information.

Many viewers have complained about this in the comments section, and some kind people have provided a few translations of these texts in the comments. There are also some misunderstandings in the comments section that stem from the large amount information that was left untranslated. I feel if so much information continues to be left out in future episodes it would severely detract from the enjoyability of this show

Here is the episode in question:

I strongly suggest that subtitles be made for game related information that visually appears in future episodes.
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Posted 1/18/18 , edited 1/19/18
Episode 2 is much more of an improvement on that front, but still not everything completely translated.
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Posted 1/19/18 , edited 1/19/18
You can't expect text translation unless they charge an extra $30; happens in several shows. They need a second tier translator to do the job right. As a small note to translation issues, some shows don't totally translate the Japanese. This leads to an issue for people that are new to translated anime. I'm sure you know about yokai, but a newcomer may not be aware. I feel that I could not enjoy the show to 100% because of the lack of total translation. Otherwise, enjoyable so far. Lots if mmorpg animes now. I hope for more than "slip," but that show was fun.
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