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Posted 1/19/18 , edited 1/19/18
Hello everyone, yes there is in fact a Venom movie coming this october (just in time for my birthday) about our favourite anti-hero from the spider-man franchise.

Tom Hardy is playing the role of Eddie Brock and the counter part aka Venom! Along with a growing cast that seems to be proof that Sony is really trying to set this up as a huge franchise.

Now granted we've had promising starts and then subsequently disappointing films from Sony, ie the third spider-man film with venom and the amazing spider-man franchise. (They killed off venom, they should have had venom survive and generally 3 was a mess in the way it was made. As for amazing spider-man, they tried making it in the hopes of it working into the mcu but they set up to many things for future films than dealing with what they already had, like the insidious six, would've been an amazing film if they had done it right.)

I personally see Venom as being a stand alone branch from the mcu, rather than directly linking it like the other films. Spider-man is clearly a key film in the franchise, but I see Venom as taking the darker/grittier route but it'll clearly have ties to the other films but rather than full on cameos and scenes from the other movies, we'll likely get Tom Holland's version of spider-man interact with Venom, possibly low key easter eggs of the avengers. (I'm thinking a logo for stark industries or mentions of New York/Sokavia or the civil war act.)

This way it's a part of the mcu but Venom can still be its own franchise much like the spinoff series. (Netflix and hulu series take place in the universe but can still be viewed as separate things.)

Now I hope we get Carnage as the villain for the second film, with his reveal as the ending/after credit scene in Venom 2018. I'm a huge fan of Carnage, my first incarnation being the 90's cartoon version with him attempting to destroy every reality. (This level of insanity is needed for the character, so if he does appear in the end credit scenes, it'll be like when the collector first appeared in the Thor dark world movie.)

I also hope we'll get other nods/teases about other Spider-man easter eggs like Oscorp and even agents of shield since one version of Venom becomes agent Venom.

So what is your viewpoint on the new Venom movie? Are you excited or dreading it? Is there something you're hoping for in the film? Do you think it'll fit in the mcu or will it have no connection at all?
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Posted 2/15/18 , edited 2/16/18
Im DREADING this movie. That worthless trailer was awful! I dont think it'll have anything to with the MCU. This movie makes NO sense to me. You cant have Venom without Spider Man, thats why Venom looks like Spider Man. This is just a money grabbing move by Sony.
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Posted 2/16/18 , edited 2/17/18
I'd kind of like to see the Flash Thompson version of Venom over Eddie Brock, but as far as the trailer goes it doesn't look particularly compelling or especially bad yet. There just isn't that much information to go on.
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Posted 2/17/18 , edited 2/17/18
I haven't seen anything yet to make me want to go out and see this movie. There's still plenty of time before it comes out for them to change my mind by actually showing something interesting, but at this time I couldn't care less about it.
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