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Posted 1/20/18 , edited 1/20/18

On another thread I had mentioned buying DVD's as a way to keep and curate older titles and newer titles as they get older. It may not be ideal, but it is better. I also think that buying DVD's was a HUGE mistake back in the early 00's when gantz was released 1-2 episodes per disk (yes, 1-2), and you were charged something like $30 for it.

(Brief history lesson for those who don't know it: Most people were well aware that 5 episodes can fit on a disk, VHS was a ripoff, and fansubbers, bootleggers, and anyone who gave an alternative to that bullshit were temporarily heroes. Really though, suppliers wanted to charge extortionary prices, demand plummeted, a crash and burn of various companies ensued, resulting in streaming becoming the alternative since it can give a equal value to slightly superior product to the illegal products out there, and here we are today, in the realm of streaming and simulcasts..)

These days demand for DVDs is kinda niche, prices are super cheap ($30 for an entire series, brand new, though, CR, you REALLY gotta work on your pricing.. Ouch).

Already digressing. One of the comments over there was about how DVD's don't hold up... This is very true. Degradation can be an issue especially if you play them a lot (and the point IS to watch that series that CR or Funi doesn't carry anymore). going forward in this discussion, we leave anime, to simply talk about media, its storage, (because this affects all films, tv shows, and even books)

So what's the solution? And here's were y thoughts scatter.

the internet might be an excellent solution, as it hosts dupes of data in different places, and to check values, etc to make sure copies are accurate, and 1's and 0's don't capture as much as analog perhaps, but depending on encoding, they really don't degrade either. Unfortunately, the internet has been kind of repurposed into the repository for only the most ephemeral and transient things. Perhaps we need, as a society to add another layer to the internets in the form of a public access repository of media? (you know, the original goal of the internet?)

And then my mind also wandered a bit. Everyone's going to the internet, right? Well what about the media they're abandoning? What about the libraries that exist now?

What is going to happen to our libraries as they get less and less media (outside of books, they seem pretty damned resistant to change), while the world produces more and more?

And what's even more scary is where is that media going to be stored?

It's all a very serious problem. Maybe no so much that your waifu might get erased, but the preservation of media is. That's the point to the library of congress and so on, but those aren't the same as lending libraries. Just because it's preserved in LoC, doesn't mean universal access...

So there's that issue.

There's also the problem of what gets saved and what doesn't and who decides. What makes something worth saving?

And then pulling it back to anime, when the world still looks at our preferred media as shit, is anyone going to actually save something when it, oddly enough, is REALLY REALLY good? Are copies even going to exist to, once removed from it by a few decades, be able to look back and even make that determination on whether it was a seminal work of cultural value?

So anyhow, sorry about my thoughts being jumbled like this: don't take it as me trying to make a singular point. This is just a mess of offshooting tangents, but I hope there's something in that mess that might spark a conversation.
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Posted 1/20/18 , edited 1/20/18

serifsansserif wrote:

These days demand for DVDs is kinda niche, prices are super cheap ($30 for an entire series, brand new)

DVD's aren't cheap where I live, I've seen anime on DVD at stores here that weren't that popular being 60$ for just 5-6 episodes.
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Posted 1/20/18 , edited 1/20/18
My thoughts on Money?

Oh media.

It's a rich mans world. Dvds are profitable, Blu ray, 4k. If anyone can get their hands on it, we need to multiply the return; right?

Having access to something should be an option to everyone no matter how we do it.

I like to watch anime with headphones, Oh look now I need to buy headphones

Money talks, Getting that Deja Vu feeling
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Posted 1/20/18 , edited 1/20/18
Supply and demand. If your price is too high no one will demand it. If you lower your price more people will demand it. Stop charging insane rates and more people will demand it. I never used to buy anime blu-ray or dvd's because they were too expensive for too little episodes. I on;y buy them when their on sale half off because only then are they worth it, sometimes.

You can also just copy your DVD's into a digital form and thus keep them forever in one format or another. If you bought the DVD then its legal because your just making a backup for yourself incase the DVD gets damaged.
Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/22/18
Hmm. I don't agree that anime is seen as shit by the world. Anime is already global. Compared to something like reality TV shows that have evolved so much from those days of interviews and news crew following the daily lives of poor people for audience entertainment who laugh at their expense, anime continues to evolve to become a phenomenon well past attracting only a small community. Whereas what's already peaked interest has only the potential to lose it.
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