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Posted 1/21/18 , edited 1/21/18
Hello, Friend A here; I was just wondering if anyone else was having boat loads of problems with Crunchyroll for the Apple TV? I have around 100mbps connection through an ethernet cord, with everything up to date and have many issues with Crunchyroll not being able to stream certain content. At times I'll be anime & chilling, you know the works; then bam that horrid pop up saying the video can't be loaded at this time pops up. Two option sat this point boys, as the anime continues playing behind the pop-up I'm now in full disarray because I don't speak Japanese fluently and thus have no clue what's going on. Back to the options I've got retry (which I have found that it will just close the pop up and the video works fine) or exit which closes the anime and I just need to reopen the last episode I was watching and I'll find myself 10 seconds behind where I left off. No big deal right? Wrong, if this happens every once and a while; it's all good, I get it every server has issues once in a while that's fine. The fact that sometimes it happens 3 times in a single episode, can get pretty cumbersome and kill any flow the show I was watching had. Then there's the dreaded red circle of doom. Sometimes I try to open up a show it works I watch an episode, perfect; and then when I go to load the next episode there's just a black screen with a red"get rekt" circle telling me playback for this content is currently unavailable. That's weird the last episode was working fine? The episode after is working fine? Why you do dis? In any case it's been happening regularly and I would truly love to see Crunchyroll work on that. I personally really like the content on Crunchyroll, (although they're lacking some quality romcoms ) would hate to see the quality keep going down and have me resub elsewhere. (Not even getting started on the PlayStation UI whoever made that is absolutely whack, does he even use the app? Must not have because it's horrible)
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Posted 2/15/18 , edited 2/15/18
I'm seeing the same thing for months now.

The secret seems to be that everything works fine, until I pause, rewind or fast-forward the show.

If I do any of those things, I will get the dreaded "Retry" screen, which doesn't stop it from happening again later in the program.

Now, if I hit the menu button (while the program is playing) and go back tot eh episode list, I can resume the show and not have a problem.

Sort of ham-fisted, but at least it gets me through the show.

Would really like to see this fixed, though.
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