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Posted 1/21/18 , edited 2/10/18
Hey there moderators, admins, and site developers.

My name is Blitz, i'm a Discord Gaming Community owner and i had this idea bouncing around inside my head for a bit now.

Having a community full of people who watch anime on a regular basis, i've created a text channel with the winter line up, however i had come to think about what an ease it would be organizing and posting each of the seasonal line ups, reoccurring series, catalog titles and the like, if we discord users who like having a reference, were able to have a Discord bot that would be able to post updates automatically in a designated channel, the new releases, new episodes and the like.

now, i don't know anything about creating a discord bot, what goes into it, or how difficult it would be to maintain, but i think it would be an amazing idea that your company could completely capitalize off of. I know hundreds of discord servers which would use it.

the idea is more or less roughly a play off on the bots i use in my discord that are linked to the games i play. Any major updates that are being released go through and the bot detects them, references them and then makes an automated post in it's channel. The same could be said for this prospective bot idea. Any new anime releases, such as a new seasonal line up or episode releases, could be made to be posted in an automated update post through detection from the bot's link to the website. Allowing for users who, maybe aren't able to to keep proper track of their viewing time table, to gain a better grasp on their viewing timeline as well as being introduced to new and never watched series. Now, i don't believe that having the bot update every single anime series brand new episodes into one long tiresome post. I believe that command options to be able to subscribe to an update for a selection of anime titles would be an amazing thing to have, alleviating the absolute deluge of information that would pour forth from the bots mouth as it were.

I'd love to hear others opinion on this idea. maybe even get some feedback from the admins and devs.
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