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Posted 1/22/18 , edited 1/22/18
Going through the forums, sometimes I see a user portrait that suggests they are a moderator. Other times, I go to the person's user page, and they list a CR affiliation (support, etc). In either case, I have to do a bit of investigation to find out if the person is speaking on behalf of CR.

It would be really handy if folks responding in an official capacity can mark the responses so the reader will know it is authoritative. Or, folks who are in that position have a more obvious indicator in the user portrait. I'm thinking of how Blizzard employee responses are in blue on their forums.

The end result is to make it more clear to readers that a forum post is on behalf of CR.

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Posted 1/22/18 , edited 1/23/18
If they have a title (rank on their profile) above the Photo/avatar on their posts then they are official, regardless of what the text of it is.

Users do not have those titles, (except when posting in the premium users group). Not so long ago, a couple of very helpful users were honored with titles, but that apparently caused confusion, so only officials have titles now.

Staff members generally, (but not always) keep their titles more professional, mods are often more casual.

Except for one industrious person from Germany, staff members rarely respond to anyone in the forums anymore; someone looking for an actual "official" response to a question probably should put in a support request.

Naturally, this is not an official response, so feel free to take it for what it's worth.
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