More worst tropes/cliches?

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Posted 1/26/18 , edited 1/27/18
after watching more shows i been annoyed by even more annoying and over used things

The cool guy
this may the main or 2nd characters who are op as hell but may come off as a jerk who is a full on lone wolf. may or may not join the others but is a jerk when they show their face. they aim to look cool but hard to like when they start off cold and heartless. the kind with so much skill they dont need to put in alot of effort to finish their opponent.

Examples are:
chaude or chad from megaman nt warrior. is so great at being op, he needs to be nerfed cause hes skills are too perfect.

Mugai from Mushibugyo
this guy has a sword so big that only cloud and sephiroth can only dream of
the strangest hair but hes the strongest.

Hyper Smart IQ
this always bothers me when a characters knows something they shouldnt cause they werent around, no one could of been hearing and passed it off, when they know they are being followed but didnt see the eavesdropper.

The fat guy
as another pointed out in part 1, over eating is annoying and we rarely see characters change much yet some are fat or ugly you cant like them and wish they didnt exist.

brother struggle and whos in charge
in thunder cats 2011. tygra tries hes hardest to claim the throne over lion-o due to extreme jealousy.
even putting him in harm and killing him. wow great brother... NOT
later episode the other cats complain about climbing a mountain... are you kidding me and play keep away with fruit.
very frustrating

The annoying voice
ugh i cant stand this at all, a voice so bad you need to mute the tv
Yugioh gx had this big beefy guy who fought Zane Truesdale

Pica from one piece

and Rusaburō Enkōgawa

all have that dumb high pitched voice.

New powers with a catch
Bleach and Dragon ball series will have attacks and forms for a limited time that wont be ever seen again
ichigo has had too many forms we only see once. same for any movies
super sayian god red was quickly thrown away or is that incorrect? im seeing people say both blue and red has its pros and cons

when they get new powers early but cant use, try again later... much later. oh but the cool guy can use it just fine cause hes the cool guy....

Cold female characters
the ones who hit, slap and kick the guys for no reason, ugh i just want to hit them back.

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Posted 1/27/18 , edited 1/27/18
Scientists who know everything. I'm talking about normal human scientists here. At one point they're experts in nuclear physics, at another they're concocting some amazing chemical, at another they're solving some weird geologic mystery, then they cobble together a mechanical device to save the day. (Ever see Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? Admiral Nelson was like that. He was also inexplicably the best fighter on the sub.)

Along those lines, the medical doctor who does it all. Handles common sickness. Does open heart surgery. Replaces a hip. Prescribes foot therapy. Applies anesthetics. Does autopsies. Delivers babies. Performs psychiatry. Medicine is a very wide field, with lots of different types of specialists.

Also along those lines, the people who can do anything on a ship. This is a frequent hangup I had with Star Trek. Geordi goes from being a navigator to Chief Engineer. Chekov is both a navigator and a science guy. Worf gets selected for a short time to take over Operations (an Engineering-related position) after Data is presumed dead. If Geordi was such a good engineer, why was he working as a navigator? If Chekov is so talented at science, why isn't he working for Spock full time? And no, it doesn't make any sense for a security expert to suddenly go working in an engineering field. The Geordi example was recently repeated on the Orville (probably intentionally in honor of Geordi), and it didn't make sense there either.
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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/28/18

I've closed this because even though the title suggests the inclusion of general tropes, not just character-related tropes, your opening post is in fact almost entirely character tropes, and you already started a thread on this--and even posted to it on the same day you created this one.

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