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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/28/18
If I look up (enter ship name here) images for the cuteness factor, how much of it would be doushinji images that would stick out enough to my friends and family to the point that hey would think I was trying to engage in sexual actions or thoughts in front of them?

(when that ONE sexual or perverted scene comes up in an anime and your friend passes by and stares at you) Thoughts: "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH"

If I go to (enter social media site)'s yaoi and/or yuri group right now, there a 85% chance that 75% of the chaacters shown will have 100% of their clothes missing. So no, I will not go there out of boredom at a party which I went to out of obligation(family, friend, or coworker obligation)

This anime has a lot more nudity/fanservice scene's than I remember

(When watching Occultic/Nine) HOW IS RYOUKA NARUSAWA NOT IN SEVERE PAIN EVERY TIME SHE JUMPS?! It hurts just thinking about it.
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