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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/28/18
My account has been hacked, and I have changed the password several of times, and the hacker keeps breaking into my account.

This is a big security concern, and I am surprised to see that Crunchy Roll doesn't seem to have an answer for this. I looked through the Help/FAQ but I have not found a way to secure my account.

Furthermore, when I reset my password, my emails are in a foreign language and they are not encrypted. Is there any reason for this?

I have not found a setting that changes my crunchy roll language.

I really hope I can get a staff member to help me with this.
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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/28/18
You need to put in a support request here: /contact Posting in the forums is mainly for peer to peer support.

In the meantime, go here and deactivate all devices: /acct/?action=devices

But I'm not sure what they can do to expire a browser cookie on someone else's PC. Maybe they can?
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although i'm not a staff member, i'll list a few things:

* run a full scan using a trsuted, fully updated antivirus - ideally in safe mode - to ensure there's no keyloggers and other spyware program running. anything that's not AVG, McCafee or F Secure (McCafee was so bad, even the original founder wants nothing to do with it)

* make your email as secure as possible: use a long password (by long, i mean no less than 16 characters. one option is to use a long sentence as your password. it's easy to remember yet nearly impossible to be brute-forced)

* emails typically offer 2-factor app-based authentication. this ensures no-one else have access to your email.

* go to your CR setting and make sure to delete any device you don't recognize
Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/28/18
Thank you for the quick replies.

I have sent an email to the Crunchy Roll support, and I am taking the suggested steps to help further secure my account.
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