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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/28/18
My story is a military science-fiction story that will most likely involve politics. I know nothing about politics but I want to do some research on the matter. I know it's fiction and most of it will have to come from my own ideas but I still would like to do some research. I need to do research that doesn't involve buying something. So that means I will need to go to certain helpful sites or find books at a library. The books can be fiction or non-fiction but I would need them from a library. I don't want to wing it so I need to do some researching.

I might make it into a political and military science-fiction novel but I still need some educating.

What do you think?
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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/29/18
Watch Gundam series or Code Geass, study the politics that appeared in these series.

Gundam Seed - How Genetic Engineering splits the human race into two and the consequences of them.
Gundam 00 - War profiteering (Season 1), government corruption (Season 2)
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans - Child Soldiers, Slavery, etc. The themes in this series is heavy than most Gundam series so far.

Code Geass - Social Darwinism, corruption, terrorism, revolution, etc.

Also see X-Files for Government conspiracies and corruption.
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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 1/29/18
From Here to Eternity....the '50's movie

All Quiet on the Western Front....1930 movie + Paths of Glory (Kirk Douglas, Adolph Menjou et al) Stanley Kubrick's interpretation of WW1 of US involvement Vietnam era from a soldier's POV

Mrs Miniver (1942) movie

the fiction will rise via how you interpret the chain of events in any war situation no matter how objective you try to get
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I think it really depends on what you need to know. That said, I would generally recommend not going into too much depth in whatever you are writing...
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Posted 1/30/18 , edited 1/30/18
depends on how far you want to with the whole politics thing, everything and every country has politics. from deciding a new leader to buying a pizza. but, which country idea? simply search politics ideas via the net, wiki has helpful links (can be edited, but if you're not looking for authentic) but it's your call. there's also a 1984 view on politics even Star Trek. communism, socialism, capitalism... then there's the notion of taking a few of these and combining and making them your own. you can add mechs, or just have typical space ships, it's your call. Captain Harlock is an interesting space pirate involving heavy politics. there's plenty of Gundam, Appleseed, Vexille... a lot of ideas to run with.
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